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How do I get started and find writers? Options
Posted: Friday, July 29, 2016 12:50:20 PM
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First of all, welcome! When you are new to Zerys, you will start the process by creating a Writer Audition. And at any time, you can always conduct an audition to add more writers to your team. In new accounts, the system will walk you through the steps of creating your first audition. Later, you will always have the option of creating a new project to start an audition, or you can post an audition from inside one of your existing projects. Can I hand-pick a writer who sounds like a good fit for my project? To find your writers, you need to start with a Writer Audition. 
Auditions are the best way to find writers for several reasons. You need to see custom samples to make sure that the writer can write confidently about your topic. And you need to see writing from several writers to make sure you find a good match — and because you should really have more than one writer on your team! Even if you think you only need one writer, you should also have a back-up in case your primary writer is ever unavailable. Hand-picking a writer may sound like a good idea, but it is very difficult and unpredictable. Too often the writer would be unavailable or uninterested — or they would write the content and it wouldn’t turn out as successfully as you hoped. We’ve found the audition process to be far easier — and faster! This way you cut to the chase and find great writers quickly. If you tried to hand-pick a writer, the process would get stretched out for many days or weeks as you exchange messages and sometimes get disappointed. How does the Writer Audition work? Here’s a brief description of the audition process:
  • Set up the project as a writer audition, including providing a document title and instructions for what you want.
  • You will choose filters for our writer network to narrow down the pool to relevant candidates.
  • Post the audition to the writers’ job board and interested writers will claim an audition slot and begin writing. Writers will submit up to a max of 250 words at this stage, so you can get results quickly and to limit the risk involved for both you and the writer.
  • As the writers submit their audition content to you, you will receive email notifications. Check your Pending Review tab to find the submitted content and read it.
  • Add the writers you like to your Favorite Writers list, and decline the writers who are not a good match.

Do I have to pay for the auditions?
No, it is not necessary to pay for the auditions. You do need to add funds to your account to cover the maximum potential cost of the auditions, in case you decide to purchase the content you receive. However, when you add writers to your team, you will have the option to purchase the audition content or to not purchase the content. So, feel free to add writers to your team because you like their writing — you do not necessarily need to pay for the content if you don’t need it! It’s great to pay the approved writers to compensate them for their time, however, and so you own the content and can publish it. Any unused funds — from auditions that you declined, or from jobs where you approved the writer but chose not to pay for the content — those funds will become available again in your Zerys account to be used for new orders. Once you’ve added at least 1 favorite writer, you can begin assigning jobs to them for all the content you need.
 We recommend adding several writers to your favorites list, however, and it's often beneficial to find new writers when you have Clients in diverse industries.
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