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What's the “Project Dashboard”? Options
Posted: Friday, July 29, 2016 12:47:51 PM
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The Project Dashboard is an at-a glance summary of all your projects and titles. It allows you to not only see the overall status of each project, but you can easily drill down to the title level for any project with one click. This page is a display of the production status of all the projects you have created within Zerys. It acts as both an instant report and an interactive management tool. Each stage of the content development process can be monitored here, and you can easily click into any specific project to see actual titles and manage your project. A few key elements of the Project Dashboard: Advanced Search - if you are looking for a specific project you can search by several different parameters including the project name or even projects a specific writer has worked on.
Active and Archived Projects - Only active projects are listed when you load the Project Dashboard. To archive (hide) an active project, check the box on the right and scroll down to click the Archive button. If you need to view an archived project, click the link above the list of projects that says "You have [X] archived projects" and the screen will reload with archived projects showing. To make an archived project active again, check the box to the rigth of the project and scroll down to click "Make Active."
Conduct an Audition - Next to each project name you will see a button that says "New Audition" or "Re-post Audition." Click there to begin conducting a new audition to find writers for your team.
Continue Project Setup - This button appears when you have completed an audition and are ready to move forward with your project. Click the button to finish setting up your project and begin sending orders out to your favorite writers.
Plan and Order Content - For projects that are already in motion — past the audition step, or you have already been ordering content from within the project — you can use the Add Topics, Add Titles, and Assign Titles buttons to go straight to those steps.
Manage Content In Progress - Click on the hyperlinked numbers under each column to jump to your documents that have been assigned, are in progress with a writer/editor, or are pending review. For example, if you see a "3" in the "Pending Revision" column, click the "3" and you will see the 3 jobs in that status for the given project. When you click into a specific project, you will see the Project Work Center for that project, which has the same navigation as the projects table on the Project Dashboard.
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